Installing a Dash Kit from

Dash kits sold by Wood Dash Empire are made with a single goal in mind - professional results for the do-it-yourself car enthusiast. We know that these can look a little intimidating to customers who have never done this sort of thing. But be assured, we've got your back!

Rather than costs by using 'no name' brand adhesives, these kits use 3M™ 5849 - the premium acrylic foam adhesive for dash kits, featuring maximum bond-strength and built-in primer. Cheaper, 'alternative' dash kits require you to apply adhesive primer to each factory part prior to installation. This process is tedious and time-consuming (especially for 20+ piece kits) and, if a dash part is misaligned, it is very difficult to realign without damaging the factory part or dash part. On the other hand, a dash kit with 3M™ 5849 allows you to re-position a part during installation for a perfect fit - a key benefit, especially for first-time installers.

Another problem of the past, primer pens and pads that leak unexpectedly. A mess that can damage uncovered factory parts and ruin your project. And don't even bring up getting that stuff on your skin or clothes. Not an issue here.

And one of our customers' favorite features - our flat dash parts come to you packaged on clear liner sheets, so you just 'lift & stick'. This feature saves you the time and trouble of picking individual red liner off each dash part prior to installation, plus you have immediate visual inventory that all of your piece are there and ready to be installed

Step 1
Clean your vehicle's dash surface with isopropyl alcohol wipes (provided).

Step 2
Gently tack your piece over the factory part. If you don't have it lined up correctly simply lift and make any adjustments before tacking down again.

Step 3
Once you have it aligned correctly and you are happy with placement, press down firmly for maximum adhesion.