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Mossy Oak Camo Neoprene Seat Covers

For all you hunters out there, Neoprene seat covers now feature the unparalleled look of Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity design, a pattern that truly stands out from the rest. Mossy Oak offers incredible realistic natural scenes and detail not seen in other traditional camouflage. With remarkable visuals to boost, these seat covers are also quite versatile in function. Made from CR-grade neoprene, each cover features the same high-quality material used in wetsuits, making them extremely water resistant. Since these covers are custom made, each cover will install with ease for a snug fit. Each row of seats includes headrest, armrest, center console (split bench rows only), air bag cutouts and map pockets where applicable. Covers are made with two layers of material providing you with a soft and comfortable feel.

  • Custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your seats
  • Available for front, middle and rear seat rows
  • Includes custom headrests, armrests, airbag cutouts and map pockets (as applicable for your vehicle)
  • Consoles are covered when they are part of a middle seat with a seat belt
  • Featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

  • Featuring genuine Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity design

  • Made from CR-Grade Neoprene - the same material used in wetsuits for high water resistance

  • Two layers of material shell offering the highest protection for your seats

  • UV treated to resist rotting, mildew and stains

  • Seat Cover Installation Kit Included Free! (A $19.99 value)